About Me

My Name is Jeff and my call sign is KB7NHD. I was originally licensed in Washington State as a Novice operator in the late 80ís. Iíve since upgraded and currently hold a General class operator license. Even though I now reside in the state of Illinois, I still hang on to my original "7" call mainly out of nostalgia although, I do like the way the call sounds in CW so, that is my grown-up reason for not changing it yet. I will change the call when I make Extra class.

Life has taken me on many journeys and at times the hobby of HAM radio has had to take a back seat. I missed not being the on air when I could not put up an antenna or devote the time. I used to really enjoy the 10 meters (10Ė10 #66849). Lately I have been able to do more. I've put a 2m/70cm station on the air and hope to soon be active once again on HF. I'm looking forward to working 6, 10, 15, 20, 40, 75 and maybe 160 meters too. I enjoy the local Nets and groups in the area and I have met some really great HAMs both on the air and at local events. I'm active in a local HAM radio club and I'm a subscribing member with the ARRL.

Well that's about all I have at the moment. I'm glad that you stopped by and I look forward to meeting up with you later on down the coax!

73, de kb7nhd