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Welcome and I hope you enjoy your visit to my web site.  I am Rick, KB6MMS.  I have created this website as a source of information regarding low power amateur radio morse code operation, information on QRP rigs and to share my ham radio experiences in general.

To me, low power means 5 Watts or less using simple wire antennas.  Some call this minimal QRP.  This is not to say that I will not use higher powers some time in the future or more fancy antennas.   Just for now, I am content and happy with the challenges and results which minimal QRP operation offer.

I would like to encourage you to visit my online log books to see first hand what I have done operating QRP with a simple wire antenna.

Here's a few other things on my web site
K1 Characterization Data
QRP Kits and Homebrew

I have been able to make CW contacts more than 10,000 Km (over 6,000 miles) away from my home in California to places like Argentina, Chile, Spain, Japan, Russia and even Antarctica!  I have done all this using 5 Watts or less and a simple end fed wire antenna which is 25 meters (about 75 feet) long. 

Although I have been a ham for about since 1986, I was inactive from about 1994 to 2001.

I started back up Nov. 2001.  Since then, I have only been QRP CW except for one SSB contact on 10m.  Therefore, by most standards I am new to QRP CW.  I am really still learning the best methods for doing such things as working DX.  These pages should be an encouragement to you to try CW QRP because if a "green" CW QRP operator like me can be successful, I am sure that anyone can.   I really enjoy a good CW rag chew the most.

Although I have been only CW QRP.  I may try some more SSB in the winter of 2002 or early 2003.  If I have time I will built a QRP SSB rig.   We will see.

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View my on line logs.  It is interesting to see what other hams have been up to.   Look them over and see what I've been doing with my simple QRP station.

A Few Helpful Links

John, K3WWP - This is a Great QRP site. John's encouragement on his web site helped me to try some QRP DX.   Now, I have a blast chasing DX with my little QRP station.
FISTS - Every CW operator should join this.  Dedicated to the preservation of Morse Code operation.  "There is only one requirement  to join FISTS:  A love of MORSE and a concern for its perpetuation."   I am member number 8688!
NJ QRP - This is the New Jersey QRP club.  They are pretty active and offer kits for the homebrew QRPer.  I really like their site and their QRP HomeBrewer Magazine.  I subscribe to it.
NorCal QRP Club - This is another great QRP club.
QSL1.gif (48176 bytes) Make you own Homebrew QSL cards.  It is easy and the results can be very exciting.  You will find easy to follow instructions and even an example file.
Site Update Record:

11/28/02.  I have some time and added to the logs.  I have added log 1,7 and 8.  I also added a few astrophotography pictures of Orions Nebula.  They OK quality.  I also added the first piece of software to the software section.

9/25/02:  I have had some time and motivation to add more stuff the K1 test data section. I have added the spectral purity data.  Also completed data for all four bands.  I would like to do the same for my SW40+.

9/25/02:  I was able to add some test results for my K1.  I have the 20meter band results and plan to add data for all four bands.   I also updated a few other things.

9/22/02:  Had another issue with my computer.  NOW I am able to update my site.  I added another page to my logs section which takes my up to almost the end of April for my on line logs.

8/13/02: It has been a while since I have updated the website.  My computer was out of commission and then I had problems installing FrontPage on my new computer.  Finally, it is all working now so I should be updating more often.

6/1/02: Updated most everything on the site.

3/5/02: This website starts and is hosted by QSL.net!