WinRepeat Repeater Controller software

Written and complied
by KB5RYO (Scott) 
Using Visual Basic 3


Not responsible for property damage due to
misuse or improper use or this program or
The program and interface information enclosed
is provided as is. It has been tested and found to
work as claimed on the author's system.


Scott Billingsley
1909 Fairview Rd.
Camden, AR 71701
(870) 837-1377

The Program
WinRepeat is a Windows based program to control
repeater functions using a parallel port on a computer.
The features of the program are :

The minimal requirements to run the program are :

WinRepeat uses the following pins on the printer port:

Pin  Des. Use
2 IO1 PTT output
11 Busy COR input
16&17 Ground

When WinRepeat starts it looks for a program call winrep.ini
in the current directory. If it does not find it, the program
will exit with an error. The screen shot below shows the config
file. You can turn the IDer on or off, the curtsey beep on
or off, and the tail squelch on or off.You also need to set
the name and location of the curtsey tone and the ID files.

Here is a screen shot of the output screen.

For a simple controller schematic..Click here..

If this sounds like something you are looking for you can
download it here...

If you find it useful or have a suggestion you can send me

Thanks...Scott (KB5RYO)

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