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This is my first try at a home page.  I will be adding some new pics as well as some interesting links.

I am currently a pilot for Midwest Express Airlines based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I currently fly the DC-9. When I am not flying, I am usually DX'ing from home using my new Yaesu FT-847and Bencher HF9V 9 Band Vertical.   It covers 80/40/30/20/17/15/10/6    and amazingly has low swr on 2 meters. 

I also enjoy QRP operating.  It is amazing what 5 watts and less can accomplish.

 I will continue to update these pages as I build and change the rest of the site.

Please feel free to post your comments via email to me Greg Heath  KB2QQM

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Radios: Yaesu FT-847 and Norcal Sierra with 20,30,40M band modules. Icom W32A Handheld HT I use for FM Satellite on AO-27 and UO-14.

Tuner: The SGC 237 Tuner, which is in use with the Bencher/Butternut HF9V Vertical. In my opinion it is the best Tuner to buy...because it works and is automatic....no knob twisting...just hook it up and talk..Simple...the way it should be!

AntennasBencher/Butternut HF9V vertical located in the backyard, ground mounted with 12 buried radials.  I am also in the process of designing an HF transmitting  loop that resembles the AEA ISOLOOP or the MFJ Magnetic Loop, that will be functional  from10.100 to 24.990 MHz

Interests:  DX-ing, PSK-31, building HF equipment to operate from apartments. Photography, Flying, and my new found interest of Satellites.

Background: I grew up North of Chicago in the suburbs.  I attended Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Florida, where I received a BS degree in Aviation Management and Flight Technology. I was a Flight Instructor for 3.5 years where I taught Primary and Advanced students how to fly.  I then moved to New York State where I flew as a Commuter Pilot in the Beechcraft 1900C & 1900D Airliner for 9 Years, flying in the challenging NorthEast.   I am currently flying for Midwest Express Airlines out of MKE (Milwaukee, WI) on the DC-9.  I have over 11,000 hours and I am Incident and Accident free.   I am always willing to learn something new, and that is what flying and amateur radio have in common, and they both keep me on my toes.   I have been married to a wonderful woman for 2 years who tolerates my ham radio pursuits.