CW Net Info.

For much of my early Amateur Radio "career" I was a devout CW traffic handler.  There is something fascinating about checking into CW nets -- With just the bare minimum of exchange of information, everything works very efficiently.  There is a wealth of information on traffic nets (CW, Phone, and other modes) on the ARRL website.  They also publish several good reference books on the subject.  If you're interested, I would suggest checking out the following titles:  (I have no financial interest in any of these.)
  • The ARRL Net Directory:  This lists virtually every Amateur Radio network in existence and also has good information on net procedures and message format.
  • The ARRL Operating Manual
  • The ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
  • The ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course (Levels 1-3)

A few of my favorite nets -- if you live in the northeast United States you should be able to check in without difficulty.  Give it a try.  They would love to have you join in:

  • Empire Slow Speed Net (ESS): 3.590Mhz at 6 PM Eastern Time every day. (Check into this one even once and you'll get a free newsletter each month you check in!!) This net runs at approximately 10 words per minute and is a very friendly group. Give it a try!!
  • New York State CW Net (NYS): 3.677Mhz at 10 AM, 7 PM and 10 PM Eastern Time every day. This is probably THE FINEST CW net on the air!  Don't be afraid to join in.