WAS Net Info.

Over the last few years I have discovered the fun of awards chasing and in only a short time I have been able to amass an impressive collection of certificates..  This is mostly due to my participation in Worked All States (WAS) nets.

My favorite is called the 3905 Century Club net.  The net is a very well established and organized group.  It meets on several different bands (and modes) every day for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of QSL cards for various awards.  In addition to the ARRL's WAS awards, the 3905 Century Club has a significant awards program of its own.  There are far too many awards that can be had to list them here.  The club has a free QSL buro system that makes exchanging cards for contacts made on their nets very convenient. If you're interested in participating, the net would love to have you join in.

There is a wealth of information on the Century Club's website and includes complete information on net times, frequencies, and modes..  You can also have the club's information officer send you some information on paper via US Mail if you would like.  Check it out.  It's a lot of fun and a good way to see how your signal propagates around the country (and occasionally the world.)