Multi band H.F. antennas

After building a 4:1 Unun vertical antenna for 20 -10 meters and liking the way it worked I decided to build a multi band inverted V antenna using a 4:1 Unun that would cover 80 through 10 meters.


20-10 Meter Vertical antenna



The vertical antenna is made of 3 six foot sections (18 feet) of aluminum tubing I got from DX Engineering and a 4:1 Unun. The four  radials are 18 feet of #14 wire.  The first vertical I built I used five 18 foot wires. One for the driven element and four for the radials. I pulled the top of the antenna up in the trees about 28 feet so the radials were at a 45 deg. angle and it worked just fine.

80-10 Meter inverted V


 This antenna is 130 feet of #14 wire center feed with a 4:1 Unun and about 75 feet of RG 58U coax.  Both antennas require an antenna tuner. The auto tuners in my radios tune the antennas easy and quickly.  You can get the 4:1 Ununs form Balun Designs or DX Engineering or you can make your own using a T-200-52 Iron powder core.