Restoring an old Hallicrafters S-20R Sky Champion receiver.

When I was growing up my father had a Hallicrafters S-29R Champion receiver.  I found one on ebay and restored it to like new condition.  The radio was made in 1940 and sold new for $49.50.  That was a lot of money back then.

Here are some photos of the project.


This is what the S-20R looked like when I got it.  You can see the scratches on the front.  Top view showing the dust and rust.


First thing I did was restore the band spread dial.  Then I cleaned the side rails with very fine steel wool.


I replaced the bad tubes and re-strung the dial with fish line.  I cleaned the dials with Windex and I cleaned the chasse with an old tooth brush and tooth paste.


I replaced all the paper and wax capacitors with new orange drops.  I installed a new three wire power cord and an in Line fuse. Right photo is a bottom view of finished radio.


Top and front view of finished radio.