Roode Radio Club

In Memory of Ralph J. Roode

Ralph and Dana operating at Lake Texoma Circa 1969
Ralph (then W5EQ) and Dana (then WA5YMV) operate the CQ 160
contest from W5RVT, Lake Texoma, Texas - January 1970

The Roode Radio Club was created in memory of  Ralph Roode, who held Amateur Radio License K6VO.  The club is a family club with Ralph's Sons Dana (K6NR), Brian (NJ6N), and Malcolm (KF6GZH), and grandson Chris (KD5TAA) its licensed members.  K6VO is put on the air during contests from K6NR's station in Phelan, California.  K6NR also operated as K6VO/5 from Bedias, Texas (K5NZ) in February, 2002.

Ralph was first licensed as W8SNJ in 1938 at the age of 16 in his hometown of Donora, Pennsylvania.  He later became W3SNJ when callsign districts were realigned.  He held many calls throughout his life, including K3JJX in Maryland, W5OIC and W5EQ in Texas, and W8NH in Ohio.

Please QSL K6VO via K6NR  - [email protected]

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K6VO/WA6NGO Stations Over the years
W5EQ Crankup Tower Circa 1969