Stations Over The Years

Ralph and Dana operating at Lake Texoma Circa 1969

This is the station shared by W5EQ (later K6VO) and WA5YMV (later K6NR) in Richardson, Texas, April 1970.  That's a Collins 75A2 recevier with a Heathkit HX20 SSB Exciter on top.  The amplifer and CW transmitter was a Viking Valiant modified by W5EQ to run about 400watts.  The station was located in the garage, which never housed cars.

WA6NGO/K6VO Station Circa 1973

This was the Irvine, California K6VO / WA6NGO station as of about 1972.  The station was a barefoot Galaxy GT550 - note the Drake W4 wattmeter lives on.  To the left of the GT550 is a frequency counter used for digital readout (with the help of a mixer circuit in the box below it).  To the right of the rig is a box with an audio filter and a box with a homebrew keyer.  The station was located in the garage in a little cuby hole that housed the furnace.  A table top was fashioned out of a sheet of plywood mounted against the 3 walls.

K6VO/WA6NGO Station Circa 1974

Station of K6VO/WA6NGO circa 1974.  Thats the "Kenwood Twins" - a R599 receiver and a T599 transmitter.  The SB200 was put together over WA6NGO's summer break from college.  Above the SB200 is a 2 meter radio built from a surplus transmitter and receiver.  The rotator turned something, but I don't recall for sure what - I believe it turned a homemade 2 meter beam located in the attic.  The house in Irvine, California was restricted by CC&Rs to "no antennas" and we had lots of good stuff in the attic.