W5EQ's Crank-up Tower
Circa February 1969

Picture of tower propped on neighbor's swingset.

Here's W5EQ and local Richardson, Texas hams trying to put a (I think) Telrex tribander on a crankup tower.  I don't recall who the helpers were.  It is possible this was the first attempt to put the yagi on the tower and the picture below was of the second attempt.  Or was it the other way around?  I recall it was our neighbor that suggested using the swing set in this fashion - he loaned it for this use.  Ah, there are neighbors, and there are NEIGHBORS.

W5EQ and others hoisting yagi ontop of tower

That's W5EQ on the tower with another ham, and I THINK Carol Smith, then K5DMM (sk) helping below.  Was this the way they got the yagi up, or was it the done as per the first picture?  I'm bettting on this one.

K6VO/WA6NGO Station Circa 1974

W5EQ working on his tower

Picture of the final result

Here's the yagi on the fully extended tower - all done