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Hi my name is Phil and I live in Aurora, Colorado.
Aurora is a suburb of Denver, Colorado.
For my fellow hams, that would be:

CQ Zone: 4              Continent: North America
ITU Zone: 7             ARRL Section: Colorado
Grid: DM79OQ            ARRL Division: Rocky Mountain
State: Colorado         DXCC: United States of America
County: Arapahoe        Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time (utc -7)

My interests in amateur radio are:

QRP - Low power operating (<5 watts )
VHF+ - Weak signal operating (6 meters and up, usually only ssb and cw)
Satellite - Presently only available on AO-27
Building - I have built all of my QRP rigs and most of my station accessories.
Test Equipment - Goes hand in hand with building. I enjoy being able to service
                 my own equipment!

Amateur radio related organizations I belong to:

CQC - Colorado QRP Club  ( # 471 )
NorCal - Northern California QRP Club ( #824 )
RMVHF+ - Rocky Mountain VHF +
AMSAT - Amateur Satellite Corporation ( #30779 )
ARRL - American Radio Relay League


K6LS:                                   OTHER:

Test Equipment Links                     QRP Clubs
Projects from the K6LS work bench        Kit Manufacturers
The K6LS shack                           Parts Sources
QSL Cards                                Commercial Manufacturers
FTP Site                                 Antennas/Rotators
Miscellaneous links                      Coax / Feedline
                                         Call Sign Search engines
                                         Ham related software
                                         Miscellaneous Ham links

Feel free to send your comments or suggestions.. [email protected]

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