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Commercial Manufacturers Web Pages
Anaren Microwave Hewlett Packard (Agilent) North Atlantic Instruments
Andersen Laboratories Hitachi  Optoelectronics
B & K Precision IFR International Protek (HC Protek) (main site)
Beckman Coulter Iwatsu Protek (HC Protek)
Behlman Jung Jin Electonics QuadTech (was GenRad)
Biddle (AVO International) Keithley Racal
Bird-Electronic Kenwood Rohde & Schwarz
Boonton Kepco Simpson
Dow-Key Microwave Krohn-Hite Sorensen
Elenco Electronics, Inc. Lambda Tektronix
Extech Instruments Leader Telulex
Fluke Leeds & Northrup Tenma
Goldstar LeCroy Triplett
Gould Microlab/FXR Velleman
General Radio MFJ Wavetek

Narda Corporation Wiltron (Anritsu / Wiltron)

New and Used Dealers
Alfa Electronics Inotek R & D Associates
American Test Equipment Lehman Scientific Sphere Research
Abby Bay Electronic Test Equipment Lone Mountain Electronics Tech America
AST Global Electronics Meter Master Test Equipment Corporation
Circuit Specialists Metravi Test Equipment Depot
C&S Sales Metric Sales Test equity
Dexis Milestone Technologies Inc. Testwave
Electronic Design Specialists Naptech Tucker Electronics
Electronix Express National Test Equipment Zack Electronics
Industrial Service Laboratories NS Electronics Service

Pacific Test Equipment

A-COMM ELECTRONICS Fair Radio Sales R & S Surplus
A. G. Tannenbaum GPTE  Surplus SMS Systems
ABC Electronics Harlan Labs Scientific Surplus
Abby Bay Electronic Test Equipment Holzman Electronics Sphere Research
Advanced Test Equipment Corp. JDS Test Equipment Stevenson Labs
American Test Equipment Kandel Electronics SurplusTraders
Amtronix Kentronix Test Equipment Connection
ANA Instruments Lehman Scientific Test Equipment Corporation
AST Global Electronics Lone Mountain Electronics Test Equipment Depot
Bartek Electronics Mega Surplus Electronics Test Equipment Net
Bell Electronics Metric Sales Test equity
Brenco Naptech Test Lab Company
C &H Sales National Test Equipment Testwave
Choice Instruments Enterprise North Star Trading, Inc Trek Equipment
Danbar NSCA, Inc Tucker Electronics
Dexis NS Electronics Service ValueRocket Labs
Doutt Electronics Pacific Test Equipment ValueTronics
Electro Mavin Phelps Instruments W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises
Electronic Dimensions PMG Enterprises Western Test Systems
Equipment Management Technology R.T. Burton & Company
Excess Electronics R & D Associates

Magazines where you can find test equipment for sale:
Nuts & Volts Electronics Now Popular Electronics


Sources for Manuals

A. G. Tannenbaum
Manuals Plus,  (801) 882-7188.
Ed Matsuda, HP & Tek, (619)479-0225.[email protected]
Manual Merchant, (619)642-0785 (8am-4pm PST), FAX 642-0885 (24hr), [email protected]
Susan, HP, Tek, Fluke,  (800) 435-1516.
Bob Garcia, Tek & Racal, (770) 977-5701.
Bob Lee, Tek, (503) 774-6560.
Deane Kidd, Tek, (503) 625-7363.
Art May, Military connections, (503) 632-6973.
Racal Instruments, Racal/Dana and Dana  (800) 722-2528, FAX: (714) 859-2505
Tektronix (800) 426-2200.
Doutt Electronics B&K Manuals & Charts Prior to 1985
Hewlett Packard (800) 227-8164.
Wavetek (800)622-5515
Scientific Surplus
Fair Radio Sales

Information about using your Test Equipment

THe XYZ's of the Oscilloscope (by Tektronix)

Other instruments
Hewlett Packard has help with the Following:
           Function Generators
           Digital Multimeters
           Power Supplies
           Logic Analyzers

Books Related to Test Equipment or Building your own.

How to test almost everything Electronic   Delton T. Horn     McGraw Hill (ISBN 0-8306-4127-0)
Standard Radio Communications Manual       R. Harold Kinley   Prent.Hall  (ISBN 0-13-842386-5)
Practical Repair and Maint.of Comm. Equip  Albert D. Helfrick Prent.Hall  (ISBN 0-13-693556-7)
Electronic Test Instruments:...            Robert Witte       H.W. Sams   (ISBN 0-672-22483-6)
Handbook of Practical Electronic Tests...  John D. Lenk       Prent.Hall  (ISBN(?)13-380626-X)
The Complete Book of Oscilloscopes(2nd ed) Stan Prentiss      TAB Books   (ISBN 0-8306-3908-X)
Electronic Measurements & Testing          Eugene R. Bartlett McGraw Hill (ISBN 0-07-003961-5)
Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur       Clive Smith,G4FZH. RSGB        (ISBN 1-872309-23-2)
Oscilloscopes, how to use them..how work   Ian Hickman        Newnes      (ISBN 0-7506-2282-2)
Practical RF Handbook                      Ian Hickman        Newnes      (ISBN 0-7506-3447-2)
Trouble Shooting W/ your Triggered-Sweep.. Robert Goodman     Newnes      (ISBN 0-8306-3891-1)
The Complete RF Tech. Handbook             Cotter W. Sayre    Prompt      (ISBN 0-7906-1147-3)
Build your own Electronic Test Instruments                    Elektor     (ISBN 0-905705-37-8)
ARRL Uhf/Microwave Experimenter's Manual                      ARRL        (ISBN 0-87259-312-6)
ARRL Uhf/Microwave Projects Manual                            ARRL        (ISBN 0-87259-449-1)
The Vhf/Uhf DX Book                                           RSGB        (ISBN 0-9520468-0-6)
Vhf/Uhf Handbook                                              RSGB        (ISBN 1-872309-42-9)
ARRL Handbook                                                 ARRL        (ISBN 0-87259-178-6)

Check your local library, they may have a copy you can borrow!

Note: Some books may contain only a chapter or two on test equipment.
      RSGB is the Radio Society of  Great Britain
      ARRL is the American Radio Relay League


The Museum of Tek Scopes     Pretty cool web site if your into or have an old Tubetype
                             Tektronix oscilloscope.

Electronic Products Magazine  The latest information on electronic components and their

ElectroBase                   A Comprehensive web based electronics sourcing directory

Didn't find what your looking for??  Then Click here.

Test Equipment YOU can build

RF Sampler....A handy little device you can use with your oscilloscope
              or frequency counter to look at the output of your transmitter.
              (click to view:  )
           Pictures of the sampler I built

                                  AND TRACKING GENERATOR

                                  Available from:  SCIENCE WORKSHOP

Personal Network Analyzer    A 10 Hz to 16 MHz Network Analyzer as seen in the Jan/Feb
                             Issues of QST.

                             Available from: Steven C. Hageman
                           Network Analyzer
                           Steve's home page

Digital Frequency      From Almost All Digital Electronics, a miniature
Display/Counter Kit    digital frequency display and frequency counter

                     Available from: Milestone Technologies, Inc.

L/C Meter Kit        From Almost All Digital Electronics,  a hand-held,
(inductance/capacitance)  digital inductance/capacitance meter with a four digit display

                          Available from: Milestone Technologies, Inc.

10Ghz Self Calibrating Wavemeter Kit
           You can now build you own 10Ghz Cavity Wavemeter.
         **They also have a Cavity Wavemeter that will cover 144 Mhz to over 2500 Mhz

           Available from: N.C.S.L. Norwich and Norfolk Business Site.


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