Below is a list of items I have built.
Click on an item to see pictures of the item and description.

page is still under construction


Norcal 40a (40M CW)
Norcal Sierra (Multi-band CW)
Norcal 38 Special (30M CW)
NorCal Cascade (20M/75M SSB)
Small Wonder Labs SW-40 (40M CW)
Small Wonder Labs SW-20+ (20M CW)
Oak Hills Reasearch QRP Explorer II (30M CW)
Pixie 2 (fixed 7.040 MHz CW)
DEM 2-144 (1.296 GHz transverter)
Ten-Tec 1054 (4 band regen SWL)


Super CMOS Keyer 2
Island Keyer
Oak Hills WM-1
RF Sampler


A&A Engineering Smart Charger
A&A Engineering WSH weather fax
Elenco xp-720 power supply
Rainbow DTMF display

Still in progress or yet to be built

St. Louis Tuner
NorCal Paddles

Updated:  3 October 1999