Jun 13, 2014


While making over the site, I've tried to make sure that any pages that were linked to from the outside can still be reached. If you came here from a broken link, let me know and I'll attempt to ressurect the appropriate page.
Jun 10, 2014

Reset user for [email protected]

Went ahead and reset the account to my info. Leaving dad's pages mostly intact as a subsite. I was going to leave them untouched, but decided it would be better to make them more usable than to have them as a shrine. I cleaned them up to get rid of the broken java applets that ran the menu. I also made them more consistent, I loved my father, I miss my father, but each page having it's own background image and color scheme drove me absolutely nuts! I wish he was still there making each page different.
Jun 7, 2014

Finally got Dad's callsign

I had been waiting to see if Lavender would get licensed and take up the callsign. Time was running out, 2 years after a licensed is expired the call is available to anyone as a vanity call, this is to allow time for the license holder to re-license. Dad passed away on Nov 27, 2011, and his license expired April 2012. April 2014 after it was marked as cancelled I went ahead and applied for it. It finally appeared in the FCC database today