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K3ASI became a silent key Nov 27, 2011
Dec 4, 2011:

Finally back home from his funeral and trying to get adjusted to this change. So, you might be wondering, just who is this person that posted the message about K3ASI becoming a silent key and now posting more on his page? Well, you might not know it by clicking around his pages, but Dave has three children Brian, Cheri, and Cris. I am Brian, and while I really should have gotten my license when I started working on it in the 1980's as a teenager, I didn't get around to it until 2003. My call is AB3BT

Well a couple of years ago he started to worry about what would happen to this website and another website if something were to happen to him. He decided that he had put too much work into either one to let them disappear, so he entrusted me (Brian) with the usernames and passwords for them.

As long as will allow it, I will try to keep these pages up here. Of course I know that they will have to make sure that the k3asi address is to be used by the holder of the k3asi callsign. I'm working on a solution for that as well. My daughter has been resisting the idea of getting licensed herself, that is until now. I told her that the FCC has a special rule that during the first year after a ham passes away, a family member can get their callsign. She has decided that she wants to get licensed so that his call can stay in the family

Ok, so that is the status of the webpage, but how about what is really important to amateur radio, the SSTV repeater? I brought his radios, power supplies, and amplifiers home with me. I am buying them from my stepmother to help her replenish her savings that she had to wipe out for the funeral. (if you are an older ham, and just by the large number of silent key announcements we see these days many are, please check into your life insurance policies and see what kind of changes happen to it when you hit 70) All right, I've got the equipment, how soon can I get the repeater back up? I hope to have it back on the air by this time next year. Yes that seems a long time, but I will be gone from mid-march to mid-august for training for the Army National Guard. There will be quite a few things I need to take care of over the next 3 months before I leave for training, and integrating my father's equipment into my hamshack wasn't one I was expecting.

So, just to re-iterate:The SSTV repeater will likely be down until at least Fall 2012

Slow Scan TV (SSTV) is a mode of radio communications used by Hams to send and
receive still full color pictures
all over the world. 

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SYSOP of the K3ASI Simplex SSTV Repeater on 28.690 mhz. This has been in operation since 1996. See SSTV Repeater Info and pictures in directory.
     July 5, 2011


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