The KEYER speed is fully adjustable from the front panel control DXKEY comes pre-programmed with your callsign Message playback can be interrupted at any time by keying a dit or dah Contest serial numbers can by incremented or repeated The speed of any stored message can be programmed slower/faster by 40%



Using the unique
Palmar keypad

enables you to:
- playback a memory
- enter programming mode

- operate the radio simultaneously
Innovative system that gives you total control, without losing concentration on the QSO

Key down mode for Tuning the TX With full circuit diagrams, component layouts and screen printed PCB the DXKEY is easy to build Right-Click and save the full documentation in PDF format Here is complete project information with PCB layout Information to receive the CHIP or the Printed Circuit





Latest Software Revision: DXKEY 005X 

Revision 005X:  Beacon start delay/interval is able to be programmed (identified for those contests where it is necessary to occupy your station's chosen calling frequency) in  9 steps (1/2/4/8/15/28/41/56/72/90 sec).  The beacon mode can be interrupted immediately by keying a dit or dah with the paddle)

Revision 005W: You have 3 weighting modes: Light/Normal/Heavy like American Super Keyer Mode 40-50-60. 


As a DXer, QRPer or EMEer you can program your CQ call message, repeating it as many times as you like
by using the beacon mode using the time delay between each call to hear if there are any answers.
FB in QRP mode when you repeat  your CQ call many times.
Also, you can now start the beacon directly without entering the programming mode ...
This function is very useful on 50 MHz with inconsistent propagation ..

Revision 005: You are now able to replay a message in memory without holding down the correspondent keypad key (BT1/BT2). There are now two replay modes:

Mode 1 requires the keypad key pressed during replay and the message is interrupted by its release.  This mode is often used in rapid-fire contest periods or pile-ups, giving precision and speed in responding back to a call.

Mode 2 does not require the keypad key pressed during replay.  The message is interrupted by the operation of either key paddle and is often used in contests during slack periods or DXpeditions to minimize the fatigue of continually operating over long period.

Revision 004: A new macro command is introduced that allows the speed of the message to be temporarily increased (or decreased) by 40% allowing the operator to complete the QSO with standard text, previously copied at the higher speed so as to move on the the next QSO as quickly as possible. This allows you to manage pile-ups more effectively.
Download MP3 File Example of the Revision 004 new feature

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English Version

The tempistiches of this keyer and therefore the real acoustic surrender they are identical to a keyer analog type the CURTIS 8044ABM. To get this equality the analogical Keyer has been sampled, analyzed and faithfully reproduced in digital on the DXKEY.

MP3 Burst of IK5XCT

With Real-Time Speed Change

MP3 Mess. Reply Pile-UP

599 de IK5XCT TU

Disponible el Manual en lengua española (de EA1MV)


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