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With heavy use and/or age, even an ICOM may require routine servicing. Many buyers of ICOM equipment are advanced electricians who will find this maintenance and troubleshooting information a valuable extension of their service manuals. All of the following information comes directly from the ICOM America Service Department.

If you have any doubts about your ability to work on your own rig, you should contact ICOM America Technical Support.


The service information contained herein is being provided on the following terms and conditions:

1. The service information is not applicable to ICOM radios still under warranty to the original purchaser. Any service you may perform on a radio under warranty voids the warranty. ICOM radios under warranty may only be repaired by an authorized ICOM America Service Provider. See your warranty information for details.

2. The service information is only for people experienced in servicing complex electrical devices. It is being provided for informational purposes to identify problems and potential solutions and shall not be a substitute for following the directions or instructions in the applicable ICOM service manual, your own common sense or any other publication for repair of an ICOM radio. By providing this information ICOM America, Inc., the authorized ICOM distributor, expressly disclaims any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from the information being provided.

  • IC-271A/H
  • most common service 
  • IC-471A/H
  • trimmer cap 
  • IC-706
  • most common service 
  • IC-730
  • preventive maintenance 
  • IC-735
  • most common service 
  • IC-736
  • most common service 
  • IC-737
  • most common service 
  • IC-737A
  • most common service 
  • IC-738
  • most common service 
  • IC-740
  • most common service 
  • IC-4KL
  • most common service
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