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Commander HF-2500 Linear Amplifier
mods, improvements & hints

commander amplifier

This amplifier was one  (*n1) of the best workhorses in the Ham RF_PA arena some decades ago,
and has still lot to say nowadays even if that Eimac 3CX800A7 tubes are very expensive.

But as for every thing on this world, sooner or later it may happen a failure
and improvements are added as the daily use suggest.
In the following pages I describe my experiences and solutions with this fine equipment.

Any improvement or suggestions will be appreciated,
Write to my email on ic8pofATyahoodotcom (copy,paste and correct)

*Note1 : after so many years of use in every possible condition I can say that this amplifier has one major project missing: RTTY on 40meters.
   Due to the very small surface occupied by the 7 turns on the L2 toroids, the generated heath is too much even on a 3/4 power and with an auxiliary ventilation ,
   and few other bugs that most be corrected during every day use.

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