Hudson Valley Contesters & DXers 

KD2ERU Filling out the HVCDX membership application

Full membership in Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers is open to all licensed amateurs interested in contesting and DX’ing, including VHF / UHF weak signal work. 

HVCDX Members Must reside full or part-time within 175 miles of the club center (currently FN32al, which is approximately Revena, NY)

Prospective members must attend at least one HVCDX meeting  which may be in person or via teleconference (i.e. Zoom).

All HVCDX members must maintain ARRL membership.

In addition prospective members must meet one of the following requirements:

A.      Participation in at least two (2) contests in the past 12 months. This can be from a home station, mobile or portable, as a guest op or via remote. Field Day does NOT count for this requirement.

B.      Hold any one (1) of the following awards: DXCC, WAS, WAZ, WAC, VUCC or at least 20 grids confirmed on any combination of VHF / UHF bands.

If you wish to become a HVCDX member, contact Bob, W2XL for an application and meeting info    [email protected]

Dues are $20 per year (pro-rated for new members) and required to maintain active membership status. 

ALL members must attend at least one (1) meeting per calendar year , either in person or via teleconference (Zoom) be paid up in dues AND participate in at least three (3) contests every two(2) years.