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Hi! My name is UngJo Chung.  I live in Inchon, Republic of Korea (South Korea), which is
approximately 35 kilometers west from Seoul the capital city of Korea.  My wife, "May" is
HL2MAY and my daughter "Yisul" is DS2KDY and my second daughter "Seri" is preparing to become a ham operator in near future.  I was licensed in 1988, my wife in 1990, and my daughter in 1997. I enjoy working DX, and am a member of the  Korea DX Club(KDXC), DS0DX. I have worked 273 DXCC countries on SSB. Thanks for dropping by my little corner of Cyberspace. The resources you find here represent many of my personal interests.

I operated as a call sign of HL0IHQ/2 (IOTA AS-122, KDN N11) with HL0IHQ/2 team at
Paengnyong island from May 21 through 25, `99.
Log search is available now. Total QSOs were made 2,657 stations.

A special event call sign of D99ARDF  for the 3rd IARU Region 3 ARDF Championship was operated from May 30 through June 10, `99. Total QSOs were made 4,509 stations.
QSL cards(100%) were sent via buro by July 31, 1999.
Log search is available now.




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D99ARDF,   HL5FUA (AS-045),   HL0IHQ/2 (AS-122),  XU7AAC,


CQDX Chat 접속요령 및 사이트소개 (mIRC & DX Telet)

XU7AAC News (by HL2AQN) 

Mar 31,1998


 이곳은 단파대(HF)의 해외통신(DX)에 필요한 다양하고 유익한 정보들을 찾을 수 있도록
   해외의 많은 HAM 사이트와 링크가 되어 있습니다. 유익한 정보가 되기를 바랍니다.


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