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GB3DU 145.7625Mhz (shift -600khz), access via 1750Hz toneburst or ctcss 118.8Hz, ctcss 118.8Hz on talkthrough output.
12.5khz channel spec (max deviation 2.5khz)
Equipment consists of a Nokia BSR150 , G1SLE Mk1 logic with external ctcss modules, G8PWE beer barrel duplexer.

GB3BE 430.8625Mhz (shift +7.6Mhz),1750Hz toneburst access only
25khz channel spec (max deviation 5khz)
Equipment consists of a Tait 800 series radio , G1SLE Mk1 logic , ex Dolphin Telecom duplexer.(Thanks David !)

GB3LB 145.7875Mhz (shift -600khz),118.8Hz ctcss access only, ctcss 118.8Hz on talkthrough output
12.5khz channel spec (max deviation 2.5khz) , 3 minute timeout.
Equipment consists of a Nokia BSR150 , Zetron 37 repeaterman logic, Sinclair 4 cavity duplexer.

Coverage maps courtesy of can be found below


These three repeaters are independently maintained and financed by myself , Jim GM7LUN.
If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of these repeaters then you can donate via the Paypal button below.

I can also accept an internet bank transfer/standing order payment ,please contact [email protected]
for more details.

Cheques can be made payable to Jim Keddie,I am QTHR.
A donation form can be found here  


GB3DU and GB3BE are now back on-air pending permanent resolution of site rent issues.

The main problem in keeping the boxes going is raising the extra 500 minimum a year which I have been informed
by the site owner is the likely increase in the fee to allow the repeaters to continue.
I am currently waiting on a draft agreement from the site owner.

I have now received enough donations to cover the next few months however any other support will be welcome.

All donations are currently held in a separate bank account for payment to the site owner as required.

GB3LB has now had the intermittent fault fixed,it seems to be holding up ok at present touchwood.

I have also had some help from the GB7DE admin team on various matters,you might like to visit their web-site as well at


Thanks to the following for supporting the repeaters this year so far with donations

Scottish Borders Repeater Group
Galashiels and District ARS

email [email protected] for further information