Great Lakes Amateur Radio Rovers A ham radio club dedicated to operating Field Day, special event and contest stations from interesting places.

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During These Events:

October 17 and 18, 1998.

MastsThe Boy Scouts of America annual Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). We will be operating from Bay City, Michigan, USA, aboard the Prevailing Winds II. She is a\ sailboat owned by the Tall Pines Council. This will be the third year that GLARR has participated in the JOTA program.

JOTA activity on HF will center around 3740 or 3940, 7290, 14290, 18140, 21360, 24960, and 28990 kHz on SSB or 3590, 7030, 14070, 18080, 21140, 24910, and 28190 kHz on CW. For more JOTA information, see

Where To Find Us:

In order to work as many stations as possible, we primarily work the US General Class portion of the bands. We can, depending on propagation, usually be found on 40 and 20 Meters. We work both phone and CW using the club call, KC8ELY.


A color certificate from GLARR will be availabe upon confirmation of contact with one of these operations. Send your QSL card along with a 9 by 12 inch self-addressed, stamped, envelope to:

4486 American Heritage
Grand Blanc MI 48439-7709

Please allow 90 days for delivery.

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