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Welcome to Noel -  G8GTZ's  - amateur radio and TV pages - yes I've updated it!  My main amateur interest is microwaves and ATV.  I also dabble in video editing, take pictures of steam trains, find time for a family life and am a committed Christian.

Due to loads of unwanted rubbish if you want to contact me you'll have to work it out from  "my first name at my first name and sally diddly dott fishing net"!

The amateur radio and TV reference page - Loads of ATV and microwave related links and not much else!

The G8GTZ  home page - details about  my station and activities etc

The Norfolk VHF/UHF contest group nostalgia pages! - pictures of the group out portable, including when we won VHF Field day in 1982.

Basingstoke Baptist Church - our local church 

Old photographs associated with radio   - Miscellaneous collection of radio related pictures, including photos of Radio Caroline, Veronica & RNI and some very suspicious characters with 19 sets!



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The G8GTZ home page

QTH:  Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK.   Locator = IO91KF        NGR = SU 600496

I operate on 23cms  running 15 watts from home brew equipment into a 39 element quad loop yagi at 12 metres. I have receive and low power transmit capabilities on 13cms and could be active on 10 GHz if persuaded!  144.750Mhz is monitored when ever I am in the shack.

aerials.JPG (10648 bytes)

The house and aerials (not fully wound up)


atv33.jpg (36109 bytes)

The shack, it's smaller than it looks here! 


aerial2.JPG (15976 bytes)

Close up 13 and 23 cms aerials

(click on any of the pictures to open larger high resolution image)

Even though I am 400 feet ASL take off is not good to the south as I am at the bottom of the local hill..   I have a reasonable view East round to North.

atv32.jpg (39668 bytes) 

GB3HV in High Wycombe (30 miles - NNE)

atv31.jpg (67906 bytes)

GB3AT in Winchester (15 miles - due south )



Portable operation

As well as home operation, I can run 2mt talkback, 23cms ATV, 13cms ATV and 10 GHz ATV portable.

atv2.jpg (26691 bytes)


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