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Welcome to the late 1970's and early 80s when G3ZIG, G4ANT, G4LOJ and G3MPN ruled the VHF/UHF contest airwaves.  I was proud to belong to the group who won VHF NFD in 1982 from QRA AM06D, Trimingham quarry (!) 

This page is a selection of photographs from those great days and is dedicated to the fond memories we all have of Dave, G8NGD and Owen G3JOC who are sadly no longer with us.

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VHF NFD 1982


trophy.JPG (32655 bytes)

(click on any of the pictures to open larger high resolution image)

the group.JPG (70544 bytes)

The people - are you there?


tractor.JPG (67197 bytes)

The secret weapon - first get your mains supply!


site.JPG (47510 bytes)

The site - yes it really was a quarry!


G3MPN/P - 4 metres  (6th place - 158 QSOs)

g3mpn.JPG (27671 bytes)

4mts.JPG (42092 bytes)

With  a young looking G3LDI!


4 mts aerial.JPG (13633 bytes)



G3ZIG/P - 2 metres (4th place - 648 QSOs)


2mts aerial.JPG (19382 bytes)



2mts.JPG (35979 bytes)

Roy and his Mk 1 laudenboomer!


g3zig.JPG (40677 bytes)



G4LOJ/P - 70cms (1st place - 273 QSOs)

g4loj.JPG (32973 bytes)

G4LOJ/P always had the best looking station!


70cms aerials.JPG (36321 bytes)


70cms 82.JPG (45816 bytes)

What, no curtains at the windows?


G4ANT/P - 23cms (2nd place - 74 QSOs)

G8gtz.jpg (29202 bytes)

But 23cms had the best looking operators!

23cms aerial.JPG (25363 bytes)

Yes - they are big wheels at the top.


23cms 82.JPG (29065 bytes)

It was my gear, but who was operating?



 2 metre contest from Trimingham

Don't when this was but looks like the caravan in AM07D (Trimingham)  

Great to have pictures of Dave and Owen - but look who's talking the ammeter up the most!


owen1.JPG (37427 bytes)

Owen - G3JOC


ngd1.JPG (35735 bytes)

Dave - G8NGD



zig1.JPG (26996 bytes)

Roy - G3ZIG (you won't work them looking at the camera!)


vll1.JPG (29882 bytes)

Andy - G8VLL


hwd1.JPG (31490 bytes)

Gordon - G8HWD


VHF NFD 1984

This time we went to a site called Hell Hole! (AM06D) and it was for those looking after the generator - which broke the fly wheel!  But we still came 5th overall.


site1.JPG (47254 bytes)

Great site!


group.JPG (49580 bytes)

The group


site2.JPG (52602 bytes)

The famous caravan


4 mts.JPG (41800 bytes)

G3MPN/P on 4mts


2 mts.JPG (37622 bytes)

G3ZIG/P - with G8VLL's megaboomer


70cms.JPG (33004 bytes)

G4LOJ/P on 70cms


23cms.JPG (38336 bytes)

G4ANT/P on 23cms with G8GTZ operating


......and then the generator stopped!

gene1.JPG (47303 bytes)

What's up Dave?


gene2.JPG (49948 bytes)

Looking serious...


gene3.JPG (58195 bytes)

Oh well, that won't run again!


resting.JPG (65939 bytes)

Might as well take it easy then!



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