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G3PHO Website
G4DDK Website
G4JNT Website
G0MJW Website
G4NNS Web pages
GM4ISM Web page
G4BAO Website
GM8BJF Web page
W1GHZ Web page
WW2R Web Pages
DB6NT Website
DL6NCI Website
DF6NA Website
F5AYE Website
VE1ALQ Website
F1GHB Website 5.7 to 241GHz
CT1DMK Luis Cupido Website
Microwave Beacon Spotting site
The South Coast Repeater and Beacon Group site
The UK Microwave Group
Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society
Slotted waveguide antenna design
Surface Mount Component codes by R P Blackwell G4PMK
Rob's Surface Mount Component markings
G4FRE list of GaAs fet markings
HP Obsolete manuals
G1SLE site - some MI and HP manuals here
More manuals here
KO4BB Test Equipment manual page
Sphere Research Corporation for HP spares
Frank Rota for microwave components
Component data sheets
More component data sheets
BEC - Toko Coil supplier
K3PGP Data on and repairing HP478A Thermistor power meter sensors
DX Zone - Amateur Radio I'net Guide
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