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UITools add-on for UI-View32


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Current Status

I am currently working on a new version of UITools and expect to release it in the next few weeks. This new version is mainly to fix bugs and update the satellite tracking, any satellite tracked can be plotted as an object on UIView32.

Download Details

This page contains a full Beta installation of UITools and updates. The first time you install UITools you must download the full install. Thanks to Karl G6ODT for the initial testing and some very good suggestions to enhance UITools. Suggestions for ways to enhance UITools are welcome at the email address below.

You MUST be running UI-View32 V1.10 or later. UITools will not run with any earlier versions of UI-View. The latest version of UI-View32 is available from www.egroups.com/group/ui-view

Please read the readme.txt file BEFORE installing this software.

Download the following five files, unzip them to the same directory and run set-up.exe. Do not unzip the CAB files and PLEASE READ THE README.TXT file BEFORE installing UITools.

Full Install 30th March 2002 V1.0.24

Full Install (~5Mb)

Readme.txt (30k)

If after starting UITools you get errors  about XVoice.dll missing then download and install this file.

Latest Updates 13th April 2002 V1.0.25

Updated .exe file to correct a minor problem with Daylight saving

Bug Reports and Suggestions

enote.gif (10305 bytes) Please report all errors and suggestions to [email protected]

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