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Program Description

This program was written to assist in the tracking of amateur satellites (My main hobby). The program will allow several windows to be displayed, each tracking 20 satellites. The 20 satellite restriction could be increased if required, it is the limit that I selected. Each satellite can have its footprint, ground track and information displayed.

I have converted it from my A-Level computer studies project, it was originally written for the BBC Microcomputer in 1987. My aim was to enhance the program to the point that it could be released to the general public, and may help to fund future amateur satellite projects.

The main calculation engine is encapsulated in an ActiveX control. Once fully tested I intend to release the ActiveX control, probably as freeware, to enable others to write tracking programs.

Current Features

bulletMultiple Document Interface Application. Each window can track any number of satellites
bullet0 and 180 degree views
bulletOrthographic view
bulletHorizon View (360 degree azimuth and 90 degree elevation i.e. panoramic)
bulletGantt chart view, shows satellite passes as a timeline.
bulletMultiple tracking algorithms (SGP/Plan13 etc).
bulletSatellite Ground tracks
bulletSatellite footprints
bulletMutual Observation, will graphically show when the satellite is available at both locations
bulletDoppler shift calculations
bulletPath loss calculations
bulletUser can supply maps for each of the views
bulletReports available to show AOS/LOS of satellite
bulletReports available to show DX available from the satellite (In real time).
bulletPrediction view, shows what's visible now and calculates pass times.
bulletShortcut bar for quick access to views and satellites.
bulletsatellite database, each window can use a different database
bulletRotator control, via ARSWIN
bulletSpeech, satellite AOS and current position can be announced.
bulletFT-847 Control (Via CAT interface) (Currently being implemented)
bulletInternet update of Keplarian elements via ftp or http.
bulletSimpleTrack - An example of how the OCX control can be used.
bulletFully customisable toolbars and menus, these can be docked or floated
bulletMany more...

Beta Testers

This software is still at beta stage and therefore may behave in an unpredictable manner. Anybody interested in Beta testing this software should email me at [email protected]. for a registration code. The software is available from the links below. The software is free but if you do use it then please make a donation to Amsat to help fund future amateur satellites.

Current Status

I am currently working on a much improved orthographic (Globe) view. This new view uses Directx to display the earth and allows full rotation and zooming. I am learning Directx at the same time so it may take me a little while. The image below shows a screen capture. Click on the image for a larger view.



I intend to release the tracking engine so that other developers can use it. The help file containing details of the interface is available here. This help file is also installed with V1.30 and up.
Anybody interested in using the ActiveX control should email me for details.

Karl (G6ODT) has written a program that controls the Kenwood TM-D700 APRS radio for use on APRS satellites. This program uses the OCX control to calculate the position and Doppler correction for the satellite. The software can be found here.


This software is fully functional although registration will remove the 'nag' screen that is displayed at start-up.

V1.33 Full Install

Download Disk1 ( ~ 5.7 Mb)

V1.33 Upgrade

Download Disk1 (~ 2 Mb)


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