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     Should you wish to contact the Kent Television Group, send an e-mail HERE.

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     The Group's analogue TV repeater GB3KT (original callsign) was closed down in 2017 after coming up to nearly 30 years service. At one time the KTG boasted a membership in excess of 50 and is greatly missed by those still around who remember the 'good old days'.




      Photo: The repeater shortly before it was taken off the air and located on the North Downs to the north of Lenham village in Kent.


      We are keen to keep the Group going, all be it informally. Anybody interested in getting involved please contact us via the link above. A digital drive source may be available (NoVs are not available for FM repeaters), as well as logic, analogue receiver and antenna. If there was sufficient interest and a suitable site was found, GB3KT callsign could be re-applied for with an NoV. The proposed GB3DK repeater at Stelling Minnis, Kent, didn't go ahead, but is now operational in the London area on 9cm.


      The KTG analogue transmitter has been 'lost', we are making efforts to track it down, as we would like to put it back on air, possibly in beacon mode initially, in an attempt to regenerate interest. There are several possible development ideas we have in mind.

      FM mode, as opposed to digital, has always been the preferred method of modulation by the Kent Television Group and this is still the case. There are currently weekly skeds operating in Kent in the 23cm and 13cm bands using FM-TV. A 2W FM-TV TX in the 6cm band on 5665MHz (Ch33) is available, horizontally polarised, using a 20.9dBD flat antenna, beamed by arrangement from JO01MI for testing.

     Like aerials? - We do!

      Room for anymore? Spotted on the roof of a block of flats in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

      Kent TV News Update

      23.08.22 G8NAV 5.6GHz RX test near Quex Park, Margate, highly successful.

      12.06.22 G4HIZ QRV portable from Stockbury Church area on 5.665GHz.

      Sunday afternoon sked continues between G6PKS and G4AYT with analogue ATV both ways, duplex 23cm/13cm.

      6cm (5.665GHz) ATV available for testing by arrangement (to align antenna) with G4AYT from JO01MI.

      G6PKS and G4AYT have now established regular two way analogue video and 6.5MHz sound on 5.665GHz (ch33).

      GB3CZ, ATV beacon, Clacton, Essex, readily received along the north Kent coast, on 13cm (2432MHz) shown as non operational.

      Proposed GB3DK now GB3JV digital, operational south east London (Repeater TX 3404MHz RX 2440MHz).

      BATC net via satellite, 2000BST Thursdays, no membership required to view.

      GB3LO, Lowestoft, Suffolk, regular RX in Kent, shown as long term off air since March 2021. Return planned with analogue.

      We would like to keep the KTG 'live' for any type of ATV in Kent, interested? Please get in touch via link top of the page.

      We're working on a new information page for 6cm analogue ATV HERE.

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