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Activity on 5GHz ATV


    Around Kent and Beyond in Pictures


                                 G4HIZ/P at Stockbury Church, two way working G4AYT on 5.665GHz on 12th. June 2022


                                          Reception of G4AYT on 5.665GHz in a layby between Lenham and Doddington 


                   Nick, G8NAV receiving G4AYT P5 with his Gibeon antenna and RX in waterproof box, Birchington, Nr. Margate. 


      Drone on 5.665GHz, RX in Whitstable. Left: Chestfield tunnel on new Thanet Way. Right: Solar farm with Herne Bay in distance. 


                              Brian, G6PKS, in his spacious radio room and off air testcard received on 5.665GHz (Ch33 or E3). 

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