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A Small Garden Antenna by Bill G4KIH

G5RV 31m (102ft long)
G5-SPACE 16x 152mm spacers
(available from Waters & Stanton)
Size 152 x 12.7 x 3.2mm
Black perspex

The British standard garden as we all know is often too small to erect an efficient all band antenna. The antenna described in this article, is a compromise, as are all multiband antennas. But nevertheless it is easy to make and performs extremely well. The maximum length of garden dictated that the antenna should be 18.28m (60ft). All band capability was required, and having tried various designs with poor results it was decided to try folding a full size G5RV using the Linear Loading Principle.

Linear loading is where you take a full size antenna and fold the elements into a smaller physical space maintaining four to six inches separation between the folded elements. There is some interaction between the folded elements and the main radiator usually lowers the feed point impedance. However, as this antenna is tuned using an ATU this is not an issue.

The original spacers were made from fibre glass sheeting, but any water proof and rigid material would be acceptable. Suitable spacers are now available as G5-SPACE from Waters & Stanton. When constructed the antenna was fed with 300 ohm slotted feeder and 50 ohm coax. The feeders can be strapped for Top Band operation. A choke balun was later added to eliminate RF levels in the shack.

Since the design was originally published in Sprat No.52, many amateurs who have constructed this antenna have contacted Bill to report that this design works extremely well. From his shack USA, has been worked on 40m, VK, ZL, PY, LU on 20m most of Europe with QRP on 160m and 80m.

Bill adds, "The antenna has worked well for me for nine years, if you have a small garden give it a try it might work for you".

My thanks to Bill G4KIH for granting permission to include this article on this website.