Group History

Friends of Amateur Radio Group (F.A.R.G.) had its original start in Kankakee, IL in February 1996. The club later disbanded in early 2000’s.

Tony KD9JSX wanted to form a new club in the area and approached Matt N9YBK and Randy N9KKN with his vision.

So in late April 2018, they formed a group and opted to revive the name of the former club. Thus F.A.R.G. was reborn.

As of August 2018 the club was granted the call sign of N9LCR, it is a memorial to F.A.R.G.'s original founding president Jay Bainbridge (silent key).

In June 2019, the group changed it focus away from being just another local radio club and turn our focus on becoming a International Digital Radio Group. It has long been our group presidents vision (Tony KD9JSX) for us to have our own digital presence.

In July 2019, with the help of Tim KF4TIM, Matt N9YBK, and others they put together what is now know as America Ragchew II (ARC II) on WiresX.

ARC II officially launched on July 10, 2019 to help mark the 2nd Anniversary of the original America Ragchew (ARC) room.

On July 13, 2019, we officially started the Net with No Name and began hosting it on our new ARC II room.

October 18, 2019 we were granted the ARRL Club Affiliation charter.

January 2020, we made the move to part ways with America Ragchew and become our own solo room. We were happy to introduce the new QSO America room.

April 11, 2020, the very first FARG fully digital repeater went online in Jasper, GA. Thanks to the efforts of K4PU, for hosting and putting this online.

December 3, 2020, the second FARG repeater was activated at FARG HQ in Harvey, IL. It is both analog and digital with our Wires-X room connected.


  • Anthony "Tony" Jakich KD9JSX

  • Matthew Medlen, Sr. N9YBK
    Vice President

  • Gary Johnson N7DND
    Board of Director

  • Carmelo "Melo" Serrano, Jr K1BAD
    Board of Director

  • Adam Dye N4NT
    Board of Director & Youth Activities Director

  • Dennis Stage K4PU
    Education Director