Welcome to the

Friends of Amateur Radio Group

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Check out our Digital and Allstar nets

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  • Net with No Name

    Mon. & Wed. 9pm ET

  • Teapot Tech-Friday Net

    Fri. 8pm ET

  • Easy to Hear Net

    Tues. & Sat. 9:30am ET

  • Kidz Connection

    Sat. 7pm ET

  • Tri-Cities Mountain Empire

    Tues. 9:30pm ET

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Happy 3rd Anniversary

We are happily celebrating our 3rd year this April.

Field Day 2021

Watch out for our special callsigns we are using in various parts of the country. Each callsign will spells out F.A.R.G.

A special event certificate may be in the works for those who collect all four confirmed callsigns.