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Crystal/Foxhole Radio Building Competition
  1. What. A competition to determine who can build the best crystal or foxhole radio set.
  2. Participants. Competition is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators (does not have to be a FARG member).
  3. Time. Participants may submit entries beginning September 18, 2020. Entries must be submitted no later than December 31, 2020.
  4. Description. This contest is intended to determine who can build the most interesting crystal or foxhole radio. Participants may not submit commercial crystal radio kits. However, kits may be purchased for the purpose of obtaining parts. The final entry must be of the builder's own design and must work.
  5. Judging criteria. Entries will be judge on originality, concept of design, and operational ability.
  6. Entry submission. Entries will be submitted in the form of 5 photographs and one short (less than 15 seconds) video. A photograph of each side of the completed radio and top view will be submitted along with a video where the earpiece is held against the recording microphone to demonstrate that the unit actually works.
  7. Where to submit entries. Send all final photos and video to Dennis Stage, FARG Training Director: [email protected]
  8. Judges. Entries will be judged by KD9JSX, N9YBK, W7AZC and K4PU
  9. Prizes:
    • First Place: Lifetime membership in FARG
    • Second Place: Allstar Unit
    • Third Place: Jumbo Spot