Pictures taken during my UN Missions in Africa

Here is my photo album from Africa. It is not true when people call it 'black continent'. It is very colorful indeed with dominating green. Enjoy it and I am sure you will eventually agree with me!

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bulletTanzania, 2003-2007
bulletWajid, Southern Somalia, 2006
bulletEthiopia, 2007
bullet Democratic Republic of Congo, 2008
bulletBurundi, 2008
bulletFlowers of Africa




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Wajid, Southern Somalia. December 2006


Typical Somalian landscape. *)

UN Domestic Flight *)

Wajid airport, Somalia. Ground service. *)

UN International Flight arrived from Nairobi, Kenya.

EK6DO and Oleg, UN Security Officer.

Ukranian helicopters arrived in Wajid to support humaanitarian operation. *)

Local transporter sub-contracter.

United Nations is a non-smoking environment.

VSAT instannation. Basement.

VSAT instannation. Antenna reflector.

VSAT installation. Feeder assembly.

VSAT installation. Final cabling.

VSAT installation. Final setup and testing.

*) These pictures are courtesy of Oleh Sorokovyi, the UNDSS Security Officer.


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African flowers

Most of the African continent is in a state of permanent summer or spring. It seems that the Universal time has stopped here making the Nature to be in blossom 365 days a year. Here is my renewable collection of flowers I have spotted in different parts of Africa.


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