Ham Radio with EI5FK

If you want a return direct qsl card, enclose return post, otherwise it goes to the buro
Current image of the sun courtesy of NOAA below

current sun

Estimated Kp:
From The DXrobot
VHF Aurora:

144 MHz E-Skip:
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

tropo forecast
Equipment: 144mhz GS-35+17m2 ele, 432mhz 50w+21ele, 1296mhz 10w+55ele, 50mhz 100w+7eleM2

Click image to see "Homebrew" project room heater

Stations in EA8, CU, CT3, 7X, D4 etc. look this way when tropo. conditions are good especially around sunset, monitor the Hepburn Tropospheric Ducting Forecast & 144.300 cw or ssb.

360 Degree Panoramic view
Active VHF'rs in Ireland
VHF links
 Irish ham radio links
Real-Time Aurora Monitor
EA1VHF/Beacon info + photos
Cork Astronomy Club
HSCW - WSJT  Meteor scatter
Solar Information

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