EA1VHF Beacon

EA1VHF/B This beacon is audible here on 144.402.5 under slight lift conditions, you can see Pepe EA1DKV working on the halo antenna and also the beacon, this beacon is at 600m asl and runs 25w from IN53RE
Information from Jose EA1OS

If you are in the direction of The Canary islands EA8, the Azores CU, Maderia island CT3, or anywhere to the south of here, look this way under tropo conditions especially around sunset and monitor the Hepburn Tropospheric Ducting Forecast to see if there is a possibility on 144.300, call me here on ssb/cw, I worked EA8BPX on 432 ssb and cw twice this summer with just 50 watts and a 16 ele quagi, on 144 mhz 7X2LS was a nice catch on sporadic e, CT1FOH/P IM59, CT1FBF/P IM58, EA8BPX, EB8BTV, EB8AYA, EB8CME on tropo

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