Telescopic Mobile Tilt over Trailer Tower from this

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I have a 60 ft 3 section telescopic tilt over mast for a few years and have done nothing with it.

Working height of this setup should be about 35/40 feet

This should take a TA-33snr 3 ele hf triband yagi, an M2/2M5WL 144mhz yagi & a 5 ele yagi for 50mhz and give 15 or 20 feet extra, should be worth a few more db gain, present 144mhz ant is the back section of an old Met 19ele NBS design at less that 30 feet above the ground, I expect gain to be an extra 4.5 db+ on 144 mhz with 15 feet extra height providing more.

The design on the right is a mobile trailer mast that will allow a bit of serious vhf work to be done including square bashing.

My intention is to take down all my aerials from the roof as it is dangerous work maintaining them and I need a bit of extra height for VHF.

With the help of my brother-in-law Tony who is a good welder I hope to build the trailer mast and let you know how we are building it.

Starting with a 8 feet of 2.5inch 6mm wall galvanized pipe we determined the overall width completed trailer to be 7 feet and cut the pipe square to 71 inches long, it is vital to cut the ends square.


Next we got 2 Fiesta axle stubs and eventually loosened the nuts on the bearings with an industrial 3/4" air pump socket drive.

The pipe was fixed level between a pair of vices at my work qth and the 2 stubs were tacked level onto the ends.

The pipe was turned 90 degrees and the stubs checked for level again and tacked again.


Next job was to get stainless steel welding rods as the stubs were found to be much harder than the metal in the pipe and Tony felt there was a risk of the weld breaking clean off the pipe, these rods are supposed to be excellent for dissimilar materials.

After welding the stubs and checking to make sure they were square the pipe was left cool for 30 minutes of more before the axle was assembled ready to take the wheels

Below you can see the completed axle

At this stage it is the August Bank Holiday and we await delivery of the material necessary to build the frame and draw bar

1 week later still no delivery of metal, hope to get it before 13th August

As the project progresses I will add to this page


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