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Information about the EARC packet cluster is courtesy of Dennis Yee, AH6P.

Current Status: DOWN

Quick Facts

  • The NH6UY packet cluster is located atop Mauna Kapu and operates on a frequency of 144.910 MHz.
  • Feel free to use it as both a DX cluster and a digipeater.
  • The Oahu Civil Defense Agency packet system, KH6OCD, is also operational out of HMB, operating on 144.910 MHz.
  • If you can't hit NH6UY direct, then try digipeating through KH6OCD.

Operating Tips

  • When using the packet cluster, connect to NH6UY...NOT NH6UY-1.
  • First time users will get some menu items and questions to answer.  After that, have fun.
  • KH6OCD has a maildrop at KH6OCD-1, but the memory in the KH6OCD terminal node controller (TNC) is very limited.
  • If you're going to drop messages for anyone, drop them at NH6UY.
  • You can also digipeat through my station, AH6P.
  • I also have a mail drop at AH6P-1 and I will soon have a Winlink BBS operational again.

Additional information regarding packet is available at http://www.qsl.net/ah6p

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