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List servers like YahooGroups! has been a popular method for groups of people who share common interests to communicate and disseminate information to one another.  Information on other clubs meetings, activities, or license testing sessions may not be necessarily posted on our website or be announced on the evening nets  At the Emergency Amateur Radio Club, we own and operate three (3) different list servers on YahooGroups!: one to send out news and information about the EARC, a second for Net Control Stations, and another for the Board of Directors.  In addition, we will list other radio-related list servers available to amateurs in Hawaii.  Please contact our webmasters if you would like to add, delete, or change information this page.  Like anything else, all URLs are subject to change, and we will not be responsible for any errors that may arise through the use of this page.

To join, simply click the link below and follow the instructions on how to join the appropriate reflector.

EARC-Related Reflectors:

  • wh6czb_earc: This is the main announcements list server of the Emergency Amateur Radio Club.
  • earcbod: For club officers and Board of Directors only!
  • earcncs: This is the announcement list server for EARC Net Control Stations.

Other Radio-Related Reflectors

  • Ham Radio Hawaii: This reflector is an announcement list for Amateur Radio Operators living in Hawaii.  Club meetings, scheduled nets, public service events, web page changes and other ham-related organizations events will be posted.
  • Oahu RACES: This list supports the Oahu Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service members by providing a forum for announcements and comments.  All RACES members and other interested parties should join.
  • Radio-Monitoring-Hawaii: We discuss anything and everything radio-related in Hawaii: scanners, amateur radio, frequencies, and monitoring tips...just to name a few. 

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