Youth Resources

Below we have some amazing youth resources we would love for you to check out! This includes, nets, events, other cool clubs, and more! Keep scrolling for amazing youth resources!

Links and more!

Ham Radio Operaters Hangout This is a nice ham radio server from DYG that has over 120 members!

Remote Ham Radio The RHR Youth Program provides the use of HF stations for free to youth under the age of 25!

Young Amateurs Communication Ham Team Is a ham radio club and also offers fun nets.

If you have some cool YOUTH ham radio links, clubs, or events and would like to put it here. Feel free to contact [email protected] so we can get it listed.

Youth Nets

-Digital Youth Net

The Digital Youth Net, may be found on Saturday 4 PM EDT (20 UTC SUMMER) on the DoDropIn Sytem:

Connect via:

Echolink: *DODROPIN* #355800

Echolink Backup: *DODROPN2* #605013

Allstar: 52879 or 52782 or 57373

YSF: 00-DoDropIn #83286

TGIF: #326


The DYG/YACHT Youth Net is on Sunday 8 PM EDT at the *YACHT* Echolink server.

-YACHT Youth Net

YACHT Youth Net run on Saturday 8 PM EDT at the *YACHT* Echolink server.

-YACHT Chat Sessions

YACHT Chat Sessions run Monday through Friday PM EDT at the *YACHT* Echolink server.

If you have a YOUTH Net to share please email [email protected] and we will get the net listed.

Join these awesome youth clubs

YOTA: YOTA (Youth On The Air) has summer camps located across the world! They have 3 contests a year, and some other cool events. Visit the website for more info!

YACHT: YACHT (Young Amateur Commutation Ham Team) has great nets on the **YACHT** Echolink room at 7PM CDT Mon-Sat. Become a YACHT member of get more info by emailing Ed KG8CX or by visting this website for more info!