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Welcome to the DYG website! We are a youth club located in Elkader, Iowa, but its members are across the world. We have contests, giveaways, newsletter, and more if you become a club member! If you're old or young feel free to join!

About Us

How I got where I am today?
It all started when my dad took me to a LPFM station in Sugar Land, Texas. I got interested in radio broadcasting commercially (FM radio in your car). I was looking for a way that doesn't require a license but can broadcast music and a talk show. I heard about ham radio but didn't know that it was a two-way QSO between people. A few years later, I heard about Short-wave radio and found out that you can broadcast music on it. Later I learned that it cost a lot of money, and you have to get a license. Fast forward 8 months, I wanted to get into talking to people on ham radio. My parents thought I was a little too young. 8 months later I bought HAM RADIO PREP (the easiest way to get your ham license NOT A SPONSOR). In February I was ready to take my exam, but there was a big snow storm that just came through so I couldn't go. In early summer there was another exam, but the computer was broken so I couldn't study for my license. Finally, on August 7th 2021 I passed my Technician license at the Central City hamfest!!! I got a Baofeng BF-F8HP, and used that radio whenever I was in-range of a repeater. I lived in a hole so I couldn't hit my local repeaters. A month after I got my license I signed up for a BridgeCom Systems livestream giveaway, and WON!!! Me and my father were traveling from Texas to Iowa, and I wanted to put on the weekly BCU Live Stream while we were driving. It's a good thing I did, too, because I won the giveaway! It also just so happened that we were driving through Kansas City at the time, near BridgeComs main office. After a short phone call, we swung by the office to pick up the giveaway prize, take a quick tour and pose for a photo shoot! Whenever I was in the city with DMR repeaters I would talk on them. On Christmas day 2021 I got a Aursinc MMDVM Hotspot, so I could talk to people around the world every day! Shortly, I came up with the idea of making a Youth Net on DMR! The first un-official Digital Youth Net had 5 check-ins! Now today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 5:45 CST, 6:45 EST, 23:45 UTC at talk-group 96! I hope this story inspired you to get your ham ticket or encourage you to do some new in ham radio! don't you? 

Our Contest

June DYG contest: Rules make as many contacts through June 11th 00:00 UTC through June 30th 23:59 UTC! 1 point for DMR, 3 points for SSB HF, 3 points for FM Repeater, 3 points for Satellite, 5 points for FM SIMP, All other is 1 point. There will be 2 winners, HF and VHF/UHF. Contact age under 13 = x4 points, Contact age under 18 = x3 points, Contact age under 25 = x2 points.

The contacts can be made by ALL and ANY way, including HF, DMR, FM, FM SIMP, Etc. Contact [email protected] for for info. Exchange! Callsign, QTH, Age

Prizes! QSL card, certificate, BC+ 10 month subscription, BC Ultra Code-plug & Super Code-plug, VALER Lower 48 DMR Repeater Codeplug, and more!

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