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Welcome to the DYG website! We are a youth club located in Elkader, Iowa, but its members are across the world. We have contests, giveaways, newsletter, and more if you become a club member! If you're old or young feel free to join!

About Us

How I got where I am today?
It all started when my dad took me to a LPFM station in Sugar Land, Texas. I got interested in radio broadcasting commercially (FM radio in your car). I was looking for a way that doesn't require a license but can broadcast music and a talk show. I heard about ham radio but didn't know that it was a two-way QSO between people. A few years later, I heard about Short-wave radio and found out that you can broadcast music on it. Later I learned that it cost a lot of money, and you have to get a license. Fast forward 8 months, I wanted to get into talking to people on ham radio. My parents thought I was a little too young. 8 months later I bought HAM RADIO PREP (the easiest way to get your ham license NOT A SPONSOR). In February I was ready to take my exam, but there was a big snow storm that just came through so I couldn't go. In early summer there was another exam, but the computer was broken so I couldn't study for my license. Finally, on August 7th 2021 I passed my Technician license at the Central City hamfest!!! I got a Baofeng BF-F8HP, and used that radio whenever I was in-range of a repeater. I lived in a hole so I couldn't hit my local repeaters. A month after I got my license I signed up for a BridgeCom Systems livestream giveaway, and WON!!! Me and my father were traveling from Texas to Iowa, and I wanted to put on the weekly BCU Live Stream while we were driving. It's a good thing I did, too, because I won the giveaway! It also just so happened that we were driving through Kansas City at the time, near BridgeComs main office. After a short phone call, we swung by the office to pick up the giveaway prize, take a quick tour and pose for a photo shoot! Whenever I was in the city with DMR repeaters I would talk on them. On Christmas day 2021 I got a Aursinc MMDVM Hotspot, so I could talk to people around the world every day! Shortly, I came up with the idea of making a Youth Net on DMR! The first un-official Digital Youth Net had 5 check-ins! Now today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 5:45 CST, 6:45 EST, 23:45 UTC at talk-group 96! I hope this story inspired you to get your ham ticket or encourage you to do some new in ham radio! don't you? 

Our Contest

Sprint VALER DYG contest: Rules, Make as many contacts on April 16th 2022 (UTC)! 1 point for USA DMR, 2 points for DX DMR, 3 points for FM repeater, 10 points for FM SIMPLEX and SATELLITES, 1 point for all others including HF.
Make as many contacts via any band any mode, including HF SSB, UHF DMR.

April DYG contest: Rules make as many contacts through April 6th 00:00 UTC through April 31th 23:59 UTC! 1 point for USA DMR, 2 points for DX DMR, 5 points for FM repeater, 12 points for SIMPLEX (any mode), 1 point for all other including HF.

The contacts can be made by ALL and ANY way, including HF, Echolink, DMR, HH, VOIP, ETC! All you got to do is log all your contacts during the time frame of the contests, files include .txt, .xlsx, .ods, .pdf, .html, .tsv. Make sure you include the QSO with, how you made the contact (fm repeater, simplex, dx dmr, dmr, etc.), and time/day. More info please email me.

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