Digital Youth Group

Welcome to the DYG website! We are a youth club located in Elkader, Iowa, but its members are across the world. We have contests, giveaways, newsletter, and more if you become a club member! If you're old or young feel free to join!

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Digital Youth Net: The Digital Youth Net, may be found on Saturday 4 PM EDT (20 UTC SUMMER) on the DoDropIn Sytem:

Connect via:
Echolink: *DODROPIN* #355800
Echolink Backup: *DODROPN2* #605013
Allstar: 52879 or 52782
WiresX: 00-DoDropIn #83286
TGIF: #326

DYG/YACHT Youth Net: The DYG/YACHT Youth Net is on Sunday 8 PM EDT at the *YACHT* Echolink server.