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Amateur Radio Organisations
Magnetic Loop Antennas
Very Short Monopole Antennas
Exellent home pages you should not miss
HTML / Javascript topics
Digital Communications
Digital Images
Useful Amateur Radio Pages and others
City WWW Sites
WX Sites


Amateur Radio Organizations

IARU (International)


Local DARC "Iller Valley District" DOK T16

DARC "Hunsrueck District" DOK K28: A beautiful web site.


Austria: A very nice and tidy web site. Very interesting summary of awards.

Netherlands: Amateurradio, een facinerende hobby

United Kingdom

Islands On The Air. Besides the imposing DXCC (ARRL), WAE (DARC) and WAJA (JARL) awards , the IOTA awards are the greatest rewarding HAM radio promoting institution in the entire radio amateur community. A must for every serious DXer. A superbly arranged web site including excellent links.


Spain (Spanish only)



JARL A1 Club (Japanese and English): Very interesting web site for CW enthusiasts.

JAIG Japanese Amateurs In Germany (German and Japanese) or (German). My member No. is 304.

Republic of Korea: Very interesting summary of awards. Enter the English version.


View the ORARI Profile on the Homepage of YB0EMJ, Agus Rudhy. Very informative and nice web site.


Magnetic Loop Antennas

DJ3TZ Small Tuned Loop page

DF2DD home page including magnetic loops (German)

DL7AWL Homemade two turns magnetic loop for 80 m and 40 m (German only)

DL4KCJ home page(German only)

HB9ABX Magnetic Loop from Switzerland. Interesting Website (German)

PA3CQR Magnetic loop antenna page A homemade ML for 17 m to 10 m (English)

G3BGR Magnetic Loop

GW0TQM's Magnetic Loop Page Small Transmitting Loops including links to magnetic loop and relevant other sites.

AA5TB Small HF Transmitting Loop Very informative web site including useful magnetic loop URLs.

A.R.A. Inc. HF Products, Antenna Research, Beltsville/MD/USA Interesting information on magnetic loops for tactical applications. View:

Former Q-Mac Electronics Pty. Ltd., Australia Now Barrett Communications, Australia Magnetic loop vehicle antenna for tactical applications, Barrett 2018 mobile mahnetic loop, Roof Rack Antenna System (Magnetic Half Loop Antenna)

Ciro Mazzoni Radiocomunanzione Verona, Italy I3VHF magnetic loop antenna

INAC, Electronica para radioaficionados, Zaragoza , Spain High power rating magnetic loop antennas AH-521 from Spain

... to be supplemented with further useful magnetic loop web sites as and when available


Very Short Monopole Antennas

A very interesting home page about MicroVert-Classic antennas, extremely short HF radiators for the frequency range 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz designed by DL7PE. Moreover information on MicroDish and MV-500 antennas. This website has temporary opening problems.


Excellent home pages you should not miss

A comprehensive and perfect home page published by Volker Lange-Janson, SM5ZBS (ex DH7UAF) about almost everything in amateur radio "from top to toe" (digital operation modes, electronics, fundamentals, software, programs, literature, PLC, RF-technics, various links, scripts, et cetera, et cetera). The home page is in German but self-explanatory: and Also visit (English home page edition).

A very informative and excellent home page (Japanese and English) published by Dr. Hideyuki (Mac) Nebiya, JE1BQE. Inventor of the Spiral Ring Antenna. Don't miss this page.

Snoopy Club - JH1YTU Home Page - Tokyo Meet versatile and all-round radio amateurs of Japan. Interesting website.

JF10ZL Home Page More than 140 UFB simple circuit diagrams and building instructions for various QRP equipment and assemblies. Worthwhile to visit (Japanese and English).

KCJ Home Page (Keyman's Club of Japan):a distinguished and fine web site for CW enthusiasts : (Japanese and English)

OE5REO Home Page A well done site with a lot of very interesting topics including APRS (German and English).

DJ6QO (Dick) Home Page A web site with a lot of links to various topics from A to Z. First select "Other Links" and move on to "Index For All Pages"(English and German).

... to be continued from time to time


HTML / Javascript topics

Hypertext Markup Language, official HTML specifications.

SELFHTMl, Portalseite

SELFHTML, Dokumentation


Javascript Homepage for Webmasters (German only)


Digital Communications

G3PLX, PSK31 Fundamentals:

Official PSK31 WWW Page: http.//

Welcome to PSK31 de WM2U, Ernie: . A very nice introduction to PSK31


WD5GNR, "PSKGNR": . It is recommended to also download the comprehensive PSKGNR manual.

Win Warbler. PSK31, PSK63 and the other PC Magic. Congratulations. An excellent list of the available crop and a lot of software you can download: . Decodes three PSK31 signals simultaneously.

DigiPan / PSK31 and PSK63, a "matured" excellent PSK31 program with panoramic capabilities, freeware download:

MixW ( MixW204.exe) for PSK31 by UT2UZ, Nick Fedoreev: . Demo download. Very interesting and comprehensive homepage including various links.

BTL = Blaster TeLetype Home Page, G0VTQ, Rob Glassey :

True TTY, RTTY/PSK31 send and receive software, uses the PC soundcard:

RCK RTTY, RTTY, PSK31, Amtor, Pactor and CW for Win 95 / 98:

MFSK16, free STREAM software IZ8BLY:

MFSK THROB DL5SWB's Website, Freeware download at:

FSK Hell, Feldnew 8, V.1 designed by G3PPT:

DL9QJ, Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection

WSJT, Weak Signal Communication Software by Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT for VHF-DXer in FSK441/SSB mode for WIN 95, 98, ME and 2000 via soundcard: or

NB6Z Home Page - Dedicated to Amateur HF Digital Radio : a very informative resource for digital communications:

MM Hamsoft by JE3HHT, "M"akoto (Mako) "M"ori, Amateur Radio Freeware Download. Also vist :

Packet Radio, North American Digital Systems Directory NADSD digital communications virtual library to various links

APRS (Automated Position Reporting System)

Digital Images

Create panoramic digital images with ordinary 35 mm images or with images captured with digital cameras. This is a very interesting site with various panoramic galleries and cityscapes.


Useful Amateur Radio Pages and others

Das Magazin für Funk - Elektronik - Computer (German only)

The American magazine all about antennas with very interesting articles.

The Ham Radio Super Site

Connecting HAMS around the world. Thanks to QSL.NET for hosting this site.

Publishing-house of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club)

One of the best encyclopedias:

University of Texas, maps of every corner of the world http://SunSite.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE/Maps/

"Radio" Home Page of Klaus-Dieter Scholz :

EAGLE 4.0 Shareware download:

Writelog for Windows, contest logging software:

Website of ON6BVK with a lot of information about APRS / ATV / PACKET including downloads and various links:

Home Page of KB2QQM: Greg has compiled a very nice web site with a lot of interesting information and many links :

Home Page of OE3MWS: Manfred has a very well done, tidy, interesting and informative web site worth while to be visited: (German only). Also view Chat and Forum.

Amateur Radio Safety Calculator: Calculate RF power density: (English and French)

Calculate any distance between two global locations (German only). Shareware download possible.

Sunspots: Latest sunspot numbers and propagation data. A very informative site.

Current Propagation Data comprising - Solar Indicies - Solar Wind Data - Solar Activity Forecast - Geophysical Activity Forecast - Recent Major Solar Flare Activity - Sunspot Number - Auroral Activity - Solar X-ray Flux and dynamically updating GRAY LINE MAP


Current Solar Terrestrial Activity Report:

Structure of the ionosphere:

Antenna Analyzer by JE3HHT, Amateur Radio Freeware Download

Digital Signal Processor by JE3HHT, Amateur Radio Freeware Download

City WWW Sites


Hameln / Weser The Pied Piper's Town of Hamelin. Read the local newspaper (German language only)

Lueneburg A nice WWW site to visit (German and English)

ULM and Neu Ulm / Danube The next provincial cities close to my town are Ulm and Neu Ulm separated by the River Danube. Ulm has unfortunately deleted the combined "American" / English page they had in March 2001 and now only provides a very limited English tourism site (status January 2010). But I would like to know why they needed two flags (Stars and Stripes and Union Jack) to mark the former English edition of the web site. To be fair one should then for instance also include the flags of Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This applies to all web sites using more than one flag for one and the same language. The new website no longer provides any flags.

Ulm so far still has the highest cathedral in the world and is the birthplace of Albert Einstein. Approx. 81 % of downtown Ulm was destroyed during World War II. 2100 bombers commanded by late Airmarshal Arthur Harris dropped 310 000 tons of bombs on Ulm from June 1940 to April 1945. 60 444 people lost their homes (official data released by the City of Ulm).

Senden / Iller in the Free State of Bavaria This is the web site of the small town where I live. LOC JN58AH. Finally a new attractive home page has been completed after providing a very simple site for many, many years. The new site, however, does not mention the despairing weekend traffic problems and the extremely poor road conditions of the town with a lot of patchwork and hundreds of pit-holes (German only).

BERN / Switzerland A very interesting city and a nice web site. I like this place.

LUZERN / Switzerland .

Seoul / Korea Total information about the Republic of Korea. Read the daily "Digital Chosun Online Newspaper" free-of-charge. A very well done comprehensive and informative site (English, Japanese and Chinese) and an excellent contribution in introducing the advanced industrial structure and modern society of Korea.


WX Sites

This is only a selection of just a very few of my favoured web sites providing information of the prevailing European weather conditions as well as of the weather forecast for the next days. .

GERMANY I (German only)

GERMANY II (German only)

GERMANY III (German only)

SWITZERLAND I One of the very best and most comprehensive weather sites (mainly German)

SWITZERLAND II Meteo Radar (German only)

SWITZERLAND III Davos Klosters Mountains, 180° Panoramic- Live Cam Parsenn (German only)

ITALY I Regione Lombardia (Italian only)

ITALY II Lago di Garda (Italian only)



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