Controlling Icom Radios with LAN or WLAN from Spectrum Lab

  1. Remote control via LAN or WLAN

Remote control via LAN or WLAN

More recent Icom radios fortunately allow sending / receiving control command, audio, and even spectrum 'waveform' data via LAN (e.g. IC-9700) or even Wireless LAN (IC-705), so the days of ever-changing (virtual) "COM port numbers", non-functional USB drivers, are hopefully over soon.
At least for the Icom radios mentioned above (personally used by SL's author), it was quite easy to modify the exising CI-V parsing code in Spectrum Lab to use UDP over LAN (Ethernet) or WLAN (Wireless LAN) through the same old, ancient 'Windows Socket Services'.
However, configuring the author's IC-705 successfully to make use of all those nice new features was a long journey (which wasn't really finished at the time of this writing). Please check the To use Spectrum Lab directly with one of the LAN / WLAN equipped Icom radios, first establish a connection via LAN / WLAN as described in the extra document about Icom radios with LAN or WLAN.
In Spectrum Lab's 'Rig Control' / 'TRX Control' panel (already explained in chapter 1 of this document), enter the device name of the radio in your local network manually into the Field 'Port/Address' on the 'Radio Control' panel (since V2.97, this field isn't just a drop-down list for all detected 'COM ports' anymore; instead it's a 'combo box' which also allows typing into it).
For example, the default name of an IC-705 in your local network is IC-705, so if enabled the WLAN in the radio, and configured everything ('Connection Type', 'Connection Settings (Station)', 'Remote Setting' with 'Network Control', etc) correctly, with the default UDP port numbers, then the complete string to enter instead of a 'COM port' would be:


where "UDP://" is a dummy for the transport protocol (User Datagram Protocol), "IC-705" is the radio's name in the network (just by coincidence in this case the name of the radio itself), and 50001 is the IC-705's UDP 'Control Port' number.

Example configuration in the IC-705 (with firmware version 1.26):
Press 'Menu', 'Set', scroll down to 'WLAN Set'. Press 'Remote Settings'.

                 REMOTE SETTINGS          1/2 
   Network Control (Valid after Restart)      
   Control Port (UDP) (Valid after Restart)   
   Serial Port (UDP) (Valid after Restart)    
   Audio Port (UDP) (Valid after Restart)     

                 REMOTE SETTINGS          2/2 
   Internet Access Line (Valid after Restart) 
   Network User1                              
                                               ← tap on this line to open the next screen
   Network User2                              
              (we'll not use this one for SL) 
   Network Radio Name                         

                  NETWORK USER1           1/1 
   Network User1 ID                           
   Network User1 Password                     
                                     ********  ← tap here to edit/display the password
   Network User1 Administrator                

SL Configuration under 'TRX Control' / 'Radio Control'
for an IC-705 remotely controlled via Wireless LAN.
Most of the old 'serial port' parameters are irrelevant here.

Last modified : 2021-08-29

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