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These pages still exists mainly for historical reasons and, at least for me, are an almost nostalgic look back to the style of the WWW back in the late 1990th. When I created the texts projects like Wikipedia did not yet exist. Neither did blogs or "social media". The latest fashion were web page builders like Geocities, just a bit later everyone and their dog had to have their own domain, ending on .com of course. A lot of blinking, marquees on every page, with animated under construction signs, and mostly without content, of course. Soon the under construction signs were upgraded to version 2.0 and replaced by "beta" labels. Content-wise, nothing changed until the Wiki culture established itself, Wikipedia being the most successful project in that area today. Many hypes turned out to be just a short-lived fad. Who still has a personal homepage? Geocities and other hosters disappeared over the time, along with them most of the blinking and marquees. Only time will tell where social media platforms like blog hosters, Myspace, Twitter or Facebook will go. Just we, who have been publishing our topics since the beginning of the Web, are still there. Therefore, a big thank you to my hosters, Tigress and qsl.net for providing this continuity.

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