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Archive Viper 150 QIC-150 Streamer (SCSI)

I did find the information that the model "21247" is capable reading and writing DC6250 (250 MB) cartridges from firmware revision 015 on. Well, my model with firmware revision 011 doesn't have any problem with them either. I'm still looking for a general purpose SCSI tape driver for Windoze though.

Aiptek Hyperpen with GPM and XFree86

Current versions of GPM (1.17.8 as I write this) support the AceCad Graphics Tablet (-t acecad), which is compatible to the Aiptek Hyperpen graphics tablet. It also seems to be compatible to the Sumagraphics MM series.

Xfree86-3.3.5 has an "extended input device" driver for the AceCad tablet that doesn't work with the Aiptek tablets (yet). Need to grab the source for GPM and to find out why.

PPP login failures

If you can dialin with Windows but it fails with the Linux PPP package timing out on "LCP ConfReq" (at the very beginning of the session w/o anything received from the dialin server) you should check the last line of your chat script. If it looks like this


try changing the line to


Without the \c a newline character would be sent which inhibits any further communication with newer firmware versions of the Ascend dialin routers.

Tkirc 1 and wheel mice

I have a small patch that

Shift-Backspace removes the text to the beginning of the line, IMHO an mis-feature because no other X program knows this key binding and one doesn't expect this behaviour.

The patch is here.

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