The Double Zepp The W3EDP Longwire with MTFT

Feeding the Double Zepp with Baluns

Fan-Dipoles Vertical-L

Feeding the Random Wire Double Zepp

The antenna left is a 2 x 13,5-m Double-Zepp  at EA8/DK7ZB

Fed with 14 m Wireman cable

In the background is a monoband dipole as Inverted-Vee for 20 m

The antenna is fed with a Transmatch-Tuner and Baluns 1:1 or 1:4 for the bands 40m and up

Ideal are capacitors with 350 pF,

here has the right C 140 pF, an additional plug-in-C has 100 pF, if the capacity is to low for tuning on any band. This box handles 700 Watts RF.

The input is fed with a current Balun, the output is connected optional to a Balun 1:1 or 1:4. In this case with the Double Zepp in EA8 I need the following combinations:
40 m Balun 1:1     with additional 100 pF
30 m Balun 1:4
20 m Balun 1:4     with additional 100 pF
17 m Balun1:1
15 m Balun 1:4

Balun 1:1

2x18 turns PTFE-cable bifilar

on FT240-43, connected to the output socket of the Transmatch

The Balun 1:4 on a FT240-43 can handle 1 KW. 2x8 turns PTFE-cable bifilar.

Parallel to the input is a C with 12 pF/1KV for a better SWR (here made with 4x12pF/500V).

In the input line is a current Balun with 9 turns of Aircell-5 coax-cable on FT240-43.

Also good for 1 KW. Picture down.

The Tuner with the current balun for the input and the output balun for the Wireman-cable