The Double Zepp The W3EDP Longwire with MTFT

Feeding the Double Zepp with Baluns

Fan-Dipoles Vertical-L

Fan-Dipoles for the Shortwave Bands (by DK7ZB)

After a lot of experiments with fan-dipoles here some proven examples for such antennas. Not all combinations are working properly. If the frequencies are to close together the impedances will lead to a very bad SWR. This happens with the bands 10-12-15m or 15-17-20m.

Optimal are the combinations 10-15-20m for the classic bands and 12-17-30m for the WARC-bands. The antennas are fed with current baluns and are performed with insulated wire for electrical installations with a 1,5 mm2 stranded copper-wire.

The insulated copper braid

The spreaders  for the fan-dipoles










The 1KW-Current Balun with a FT240-43 core and 2x4 turns Aircell-5

The 400-Watt Current Balun with a FT140-43 core and 2x5turns of PTFE-coax cable

Lengths for one half of the dipoles

Lengths of the 10-15-20m-Dipole Lengths for the WARC-Dipole Lengths for 20+40m

If the resonance of the frequencies are not correct, you can use the table for the correction per 100 KHz. With an ATU the 20+40m-dipole can be used on 15 m too, with good results.