Construction Details

2-El.-12,5-Ohm (0,40 m)   

2-El.-28-Ohm (0,60 m)

3-El.-12,5-Ohm (1,90+2,20 m) new

3-El.-28-Ohm (1,90 m)

3-El.-28-Ohm (2,50 m)

4-El-12,5-Ohm (2,90 m)

4-El-12,5-Ohm (3,60 + 4,00 m)

5-El.-28-Ohm (4,50 m)

5-El-12,5-Ohm (6,00 m)

5-El-18-Ohm (6,00 m)

6-El.-28-Ohm (7,20 m)

7-El.-28+50Ohm (9,20+7,75 m) 8-El.-28-Ohm (12,30 m) 9-El.-28-Ohm (14,00 m)
4-El-28+50-Ohm (2,20 m) 5-El-50-Ohm (4,30 m) new 6-El-50-Ohm (6m+7,20 m) new

6-Element-28-Ohm-Yagi with 7.20m-Boom

Gain 10,24 dBd   F/B 20 dB

Great Bandwidth

updated Data July 2009

Short data: Gain 10.2 dBd, F/B 20dB, bandwidth 1MHz (49.6-50.6 MHz) at SWR < 1.5. 

This Yagi was built first for 2m and  and the pattern was verified by measurement. After that the Yagi was scaled for the 6m-Band. I use that Yagi now 2,30m above of my 15-Ele.-Log-Periodic on a new tower.

The design is very uncritical and you can mount this Yagi 2m above another beam with very low detuning effects! The antenna was constructed to reach the "magic" 10dB gain.


The 6-El.-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi

built by Ed, N5BLZ


With this antenna he made a 50MHz-EME-QSO with 

Larry, W7UIV 

Larry used a single 7-El.-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi!


A great success with the genious software of  John Taylor, W1JT!

The 6-El.-Yagi

built by

Pierre,  HB9QQ

The 6-El.-Yagi built by

Rajko, S54X


First QSO with TN5SN,


The 6-El.-28-Ohm-Yagi in the antenna farm of 

Bob, N3LL 

The Yagi built by

Roman, UT5ERP

During the UKSMG- Summer-Contest 2013



Element-length (12 mm) 


0 mm

2940 mm


780 mm

2842 mm


1645 mm

2748 mm


3290 mm

2680 mm


5370 mm

2650 mm

D4 7150 mm 2640 mm

Elements fixed 12 mm, Radiator 12/16mm, tunable

Match with choke 2xLambda/4 75-Ohm-coax in parallel to a grounded socket, feedpoint impedance 50Ohm.