Construction Details

2-El.-12,5-Ohm (0,40 m)   

2-El.-28-Ohm (0,60 m)

3-El.-12,5-Ohm (1,90+2,20 m) new

3-El.-28-Ohm (1,90 m)

3-El.-28-Ohm (2,50 m)

4-El-12,5-Ohm (2,90 m)

4-El-12,5-Ohm (3,60 + 4,00 m)

5-El.-28-Ohm (4,50 m)

5-El-12,5-Ohm (6,00 m)

5-El-18-Ohm (6,00 m)

6-El.-28-Ohm (7,20 m)

7-El.-28+50Ohm (9,20+7,75 m) 8-El.-28-Ohm (12,30 m) 9-El.-28-Ohm (14,00 m)
4-El-28+50-Ohm (2,20 m) 5-El-50-Ohm (4,30 m) new 6-El-50-Ohm (6m+7,20 m) new

4-Element-50-Ohm-V-Yagi with 2,20m-Boom

Two Yagis with 2,20m boom and 28 and 50 Ohm see down!

This Yagi is a new development with an outstanding pattern. The radiator is bent to a "V" with the result that the impedance of the 28-Ohm-Yagi is raised to 50 Ohms and the F/R is really impressive! The bandwidth is smaller as with the 28-Ohm-OWA-Yagi, but broad enough.

The tips of the radiator are bent with an angle of 5,5 towards the reflector.

Gain 6,65 dBd

F/B 33 dB

Boom 2,20 m

Picture left:

The schematic structure of the Yagi

Elements: 10 mm diameter (3/8')

Positions of the elements and lengths per half of each element

Lengths over all:

  Ref Rad D1 D2
Position 0 mm 520 mm 935 mm 2200 mm
Length 2970 mm 3002 mm 2818 mm 2634 mm

The EZNEC-File for your own investigation:


4-Element-28-Ohm-OWA-Yagi with 2,20m-Boom

Short Yagi with great bandwidth, SWR <1,5 for 2MHz

Design good for mounting 1,50m above a short-wave beam without detuning

Description in magazin "Funkamateur" 6/2006

Important: In the "Funkamateur" article is a mistake for the length of D1 (my failure)!

Gain 6,2dBd
F/B 24dB

The Yagi built by  Attila, DL1NUX

Further details with many pictures on his homepage    LINK

The Yagi built by

Geir, LA6TPA


Details about his Yagi:


The Yagi built by Ludek, OK2IEN

The Yagi built by Steve, HA0DU

The antenna was used for the DX-peditions

J5NAR  and  6W/HA6NAR

Construction of the radiator with 2x250mm of 16x1,5mm alu and end pieces of 12x1mm for tuning.

Given length of 2930mm is from tip to tip.

The picture shows the construction of the radiator in the middle part with the mounting, the insulation and the choke.

For other details see the page "construction details".

The parasitic elements are constructed with one tube of 10mm diameter, the mounting clamps are the same as I use for the 2m- and 70cm-Yagis.

An additional piece on the top gives better mechanical stability.

The 2,20m-boom has two parts of 20x20x2mm square aluminium and an additional part with 1m length for better stability

Element lengths and element-positions





0 mm

2980 mm (10 mm)


510 mm

2930 mm (see picture)


965 mm

2776 mm (10 mm)


2180 mm

2574 mm (10 mm)

4-Element-50-Ohm-Yagi with 2,20m-Boom

Medium bandwidth, high gain design

Gain 6,8 dBd     F/B 15 dB

3-dB-angle E-plane: 58,4        3-dB-angle H-plane: 84,2

The 4-El.-50-Ohm-Yagi by Dave, F5SDD

Element lengths and element-positions (no tapered Radiator!)



12 mm

1/2 '' 10 mm 3/8 ''


0 mm

2934 mm 

2930 mm 2940 mm 2940 mm


910 mm

2818 mm 

2820 mm 2824 mm 2826 mm


1150 mm

2750 mm 

2750 mm 2760 mm 2763 mm


2170 mm

2708 mm

2702 mm 2720 mm 2724 mm